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Division of Research Planning &amp Coordination
  • Research Project Planning and Coordination
  • Provincial Government Issues Analysis and Review
  • General Affairs, Human Resources, Budget and Accounts
  • Research Output and Promotion
  • Research Information DB Filing and Processing

Office of Society
& Governance Research
  • Social Policies
  • Social and Economic Unification
  • Local Self-Government
  • Management Diagnosis on Public Institutions

Office of Urban Planning
& Housing Policy Research
  • Territorial and Regional Development Policies
  • Space and Geographical Information
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Urban Regeneration

Office of Sustainable
Economy Research
  • Regional Economy and Industries
  • New Growth Driving Industries
  • Culture and Tourism Industries
  • Social Economy

Office of Transportation
Policy Research
  • Urban and Regional Traffic Plans
  • Urban Traffic System
  • Traffic Demands Management
  • Cutting-edge Traffic System
  • Green Transportation

Office of Ecology
& Environment Research
  • Sustainable Development and Green Economy
  • Environmental Safety and Hygiene
  • Natural Environment and Park Greenland
  • Air and Harmful Material Management
  • Water Environment and Water Supply and Sewage
  • Waste and Resources Recycling

Northern Research
  • Gyeonggi North Regional Policy Development
  • Collaboration Between Both North and South Koreas
  • Local Diplomatic and International Cooperation of Gyeonggi Provincial Government

Gyeonggi Public Investment
Management Center
  • Preliminary feasibility study support
  • Assistance to review local financial investment projects