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876 The Efficient Operation Method Of Revenue Management of Local Governments in the Decentralization of Autonomy Period: Focused on Revenue Forecasting Method Lee, Hakyeon et al. 2021 PDF 345
875 A Study on the Improvement of the Historical and Cultural Heritage Preservation Policy in the Process of Urban Redevelopment Chang, Yoonbae et al. 2021 PDF 315
874 The Improvement Strategy for Korean Local Government Subsidy System Lee, Jangwook et al. 2021 PDF 384
873 A Comparative Study on the Local Governments' Response to Employment Shock Kwon, Jinwoo et al. 2021 PDF 341
872 A Study on the Criminal Judicial Implications of the Local Self-Government Prosecution System: Focusing on the Direct Election in the Director of District Presecutor's Office 2021 PDF 338
871 A Study on Conflict Mediation Methods between Local Governments : Focusing on the Cases of Gyeonggi-Do and Gyeongsangnam-Do Bak, Jina et al. 2021 PDF 370
870 (A) Study on the Theory of Mountain Range and Riparian Belts(Gang-San Belts) Lee, YangJu et al. 2021 PDF 317
869 A Plan to Activate Public Transportation through the Analysis of Gwangju City's Commuting to School Kim, Chaeman et al. 2021 PDF 318
868 Interview Research Concerning Business Perspective on Employment & Labor Policy and Its Policy Implications to Gyeonggi-Do 2021 PDF 227
867 A Study on Strategies for Establishing the Youth Marine Education Center Lee, Soohaeng et al. 2021 PDF 378
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