President’s Message | GRI

For the nation where candlelight revolution worked a democratic miracle and Gyeonggi Province, Gyeonggi Research Institute renews it as a think-tank, presenting future directions and constructive practical measures to make Gyeonggi fairer and more liable. Gyeonggi Research Institute (GRI) was established in March, 1995 with joint contributions of 31 cities and counties (guns) and local corporations in Gyeonggi. GRI, the only comprehensive policy research institute in the nation, serves to enhance competitive advantages of the province and improve quality of lives of people by fully leveraging its policy research and development. Gyeonggi Province turned into a real metropolitan area. From the economic perspective, now Gyeonggi Province comes close to the world 40th largest economy. That is to say, a new policy model designed for the province could be used for the development of the whole nation. Gyeonggi Provincealso, as the outpost of the united Korea, has infinite potential to help the nation prepare the future of unification and move forward
Specifically, GRI designs innovative and practical policy measures to make lives of 13 million peoples better in Gyeonggi Province.
For the province itself and the whole nation, GRI develops creative policy measures to deal with important issues, such as building a success model of Korea, developing economic strategies for enhancing inter-Korean exchanges and cooperations, building up fair economic system, creating more jobs, establishing a new welfare model, and so on.
In the future, people can see the new policies which we offer change the way of thinking and help Korea and Gyeonggi Province go further.With an aim of building Gyeonggi Province where people live with heart full of the region and making it a hub of the nation, GRI now closely cooperates with 31 cities and guns in a systematic way. We also increases the number of researches on development of local areas and promote participation of stakeholders, such as the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, the provincial assembly and civil society organizations, in those research.
GRI wants to be an ‘Idea Platform’ where all those stakeholders and people freely exchange ideas and closely cooperate for the better future of the province. To this end, GRI will work together with all and make its utmost effort. Lastly, I ask for your continued support to Gyeonggi Research Institute to create a new Gyeonggi Province.
Thank you.

President. Lee, HanJu

President. Lee, Han Ju