President’s Office

Aug 1994.
Ph.D. in Economics (labor economics), the Seoul National University,
1986 – 2018
Professor of economics at Gachon University
Chairman of the economy 1, Advisory Council on State Affairs
2017 – 2018
Chairman of the economic affairs subcommittee, Presidential Commission on Policy Planning
2017 – 2018
Vice president of Gachon University
Co-chairman of New Gyeonggi Commission
Papers and Books
『Estimation of the demand function of the information and communication construction business』 2015. KSII
『Value sharing of members of consumers’ cooperative and impact of members’ satisfaction on their royalty』 2015. Korean Society For Cooperative Studies
『Study on locally circulated currency for vitalizing local economies』, the National Assembly Budget Settlement Committee
『What basic income is』2016. Dadam publishing company